PIVOTAL RESPONSE TREATMENT TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION as found on the Official Koegel Autism Center website


The Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) Training and Certification Programwas developed as a mechanism for effectively teaching parents, professionals, and the research community how

to accurately implement PRT methodology for children with ASD in each procedural area of intervention.

The PRT Training and Certification Program is broken down into seven discrete categories.

Each Level of Training and Certification must be completed sequentially


Level Icorresponds to an introductory awareness of foundational PRT research and methodology 

either through attending an in-depth PRT conference or training workshop, or through participating in Remote Training and Certification Program and passing the corresponding written exam.


Levels II-IV Training provides training for participants in implementing PRT intervention for

children with autism across the pivotal areas of responding. Generally speaking, within Levels IIIV



Generally speaking, within our Level II-IV program:


(1) Participants collect and send in baseline videotape of themselves working with one

child with autism attempting to use the PRT motivational procedures applicable to the

specific Level of Certification they are pursuing.


(2) Training materials are sent to participants via mail (e.g. book, manuals, research

articles, training DVD with video examples, etc.)


(3) Participants review the materials, then videotape themselves (in three 10-min video

clips) implementing the PRT procedures highlighted in the training.


(4) Participants sent in fidelity video probes via mail. Fidelity videos are assessed for

fidelity of implementation.


(5) If the participant meets criteria for fidelity, they are certified in the procedural area of

PRT intervention corresponding to that specific Level of Training and Certification. If

criteria for fidelity is not met, each participant receives a written feedback report, and has

an additional opportunity to meet fidelity. Additional support via email and/or phone is

also available.


Level V Trainingfocuses on participants training parents and/or staff in implementing PRT. As

with previous levels, participants at this level review training materials, then videotape

themselves training 3 different individuals in implementing PRT procedures across each

procedural area. Once participants meet criteria for fidelity of implementation, they are certified

at this Level.


Continuing Professional Education (CPE). Each Level of PRT training and certification is

sequential, and includes baseline, intervention, and follow up measures built into the process.

Three and six months following certification at each Level, participants must send in a follow up

tape demonstrating accurate implementation of PRT procedures. This is a requirement for active

status of the PRT Certification.


Additionally, every three years, individuals must renew their certification.


To renew PRT Certification, participants must accrue continuing professionaleducation (CPE) hours. A total of 36 CPE hours for each renewal period of 3 years is required. These hours can be accumulated in the following ways: participating in PRT workshops, attending a PRT conference, attending a

presentation about PRT at a professional conference, or completing an on-line course on PRT.


PRT Level I: Awareness

Objective for this level is to increase participants’ awareness of Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)

research and methodology for children and adolescents

with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). To be certified at this Level,

participants must pass the PRT Fidelity Exam.

PRT Level II: Introductory Implementer of PRT

Objective for this level is to introduce participants to the core PRT motivational procedures for teaching

basic communication. To be certified at this Level, participants must meet criteria for fidelity of

implementation with 1 child with ASD across three settings/activities

Focus: Using PRT to teach first words and multiple word utterances to children with ASD

PRT Level III: Generalization of PRT Procedures

Objective for this level is for participants to demonstrate fidelity of implementation in core PRT

motivational procedures across 3 different children with

ASD at different skill levels.

Focus: The format of PRT sessions and the structure of learning opportunities.

PRT Level IV: Advanced Implementer in (selected category)

Objective for this level is for participants to choose a specific category (below) of intervention in advanced

PRT procedures in which they develop skills and demonstrate fidelity of implementation with 3 different

children with ASD.


Initiations Self-Management Socialization

PRT Level V: Trainer of Trainers

Objective of this level is for participants to demonstrate the ability to train and supervise other

professionals in the above categories of PRT intervention.

Level VI: Doctoral Mastery

Competency at this level is achieved through graduate training with

Drs. Robert and Lynn Koegel


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